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About Us

Our Mission

 Rasor’s  Painting is a locally owned family business, established in 1993.   Owners, Jim and Bonnie Rasor combine their diverse areas of expertise to  operate the company.  Jim focuses on the operational side of the  business with a hands-on approach, making every effort to provide  exceptional service and quality.  Bonnie takes care of the various  organizational functions necessary in managing a reputable business.

We understand the success of a business is not guaranteed, but something  that must be earned.  An early decision to never compromise on the  quality of our people or the products we use has proven over time to be  key in establishing and maintaining a successful business.  Our clients  have complete confidence in knowing that we stand behind our work,  ALWAYS.  We are honored to have earned a reputation throughout our  community as a company founded on hard work, high quality and honesty.  We appreciate every job, every client. 



  It is our preference and sincere recommendation that only high quality paints and stains from reputable
manufacturers be used in any application.  Top quality materials help facilitate quality results. 

Attention to detail

 Regardless  of the scale of the task, we at Rasor’s Painting strive to optimize  quality and efficiency on every project we undertake.  Our attention to  detail and ability to work within a schedule is one of our most  distinguishing qualities.  We always strive to help our clients meet their goals in a timely, professional manner.     


    We only employ clean professional painters, who are charged with the  responsibility of treating your site with utmost respect.  Cleaning up  and hauling away any of our excess material, making certain the site  looks good when we leave, just makes sense.  






  • Painting 
  • Faux Finish
  •  Wallpaper Hanging 
  •  Wallpaper Removal 


  •  Painting (Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood) 
  •   Airless Spraying 
  •   Deck & Fence Treatment 
  •  Pressure Washing (professional grade) 
  •  Surface preparation (minor repairs, hand scraping etc)