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Residential and Commercial

Please call for a Free (no obligation) Proposal: 330-792-9419

 We  are happy to schedule a convenient appointment time, to meet with you  to discuss your needs, and desired outcome.  We will walk the exterior  and/or interior of your home to evaluate the scope of the work to be  done.  In most cases, we will be able to write a thorough proposal and  hand it to you immediately.  If for some reason, we are unable to  deliver a written proposal ‘on the spot’ we will contact you within 48  hours with a formal proposal. .

  Should  you decide to award Rasor’s Painting with the contract, we will make  every attempt to schedule the work to be done during a time frame that  best suits your needs.  We very seldom ever request any type of down  payment, in advance of the completion of the job.   

 If you would like to review your color choices with us, we will be more than happy to assist you in this area. 

 We  will make every attempt to complete the job on time and in a manner  that will exceed your highest expectations.  We will not consider the  work complete unless you are 100% satisfied with the results.  Upon  successful completion of the work, we will ask that payment be rendered  in full. 


There  will be no hidden fees, or unexpected charges added on to your original  proposal.  We have built our reputation on our honesty and ability to  deliver consistent quality service and dependability.


Proposal Request

Because  we don’t want to overlook any detail of your personal requirements in  scheduling an appointment for us to meet with you, we do not accept  proposal requests via the internet.  Instead, we encourage you to  contact us by phone (330-792-9419) to speak with Jim personally about  your needs.